Best Beach Cities to Live in Los Angeles

The allure of Los Angeles goes beyond the glittering world of Hollywood. Picture this: shimmering sunsets, soft sands, and the rhythm of the waves. Dreaming of a coastal home? Here’s our guide to some of the best beach cities to live in Los Angeles, CA.

Best Beach Cities in Los Angeles

Santa Monica

Santa Monica offers the best of both worlds: urban energy and coastal tranquility. Locals and visitors alike adore its charm. The renowned Santa Monica Pier is an entertainment hub that appeals to all ages. A stone’s throw away, the Third Street Promenade offers shopping and dining galore. It’s a hotspot, always buzzing with energy and street art. And, of course, there’s the expansive beach, where the city’s heartbeat meets the ocean’s calm.

Venice Beach

Venice Beach is the city’s cultural tapestry. Stroll down the boardwalk and witness a celebration of diversity, from artists to athletes. But Venice is also home to the tranquil canals. A walk here feels like you’ve stepped into another world – peaceful and picturesque. Sun-seekers, don’t fret! The beach here is expansive, welcoming, and the perfect spot for some sun and surf.

Manhattan Beach

For those seeking elegance along the coast, Manhattan Beach beckons. It’s a neighborhood of dream homes and panoramic sea views. The tranquil Manhattan Beach Pier offers a serene escape. And for the young ones, there’s a delightful aquarium nearby. When it comes to cuisine, expect only the finest. From gourmet seafood to sweet delights, there’s a treat for every palate.

Hermosa Beach

True to its name, Hermosa (meaning ‘beautiful’) is a sight to behold. Endless sands meet the vast ocean, offering a picturesque view. Night owls, rejoice! Pier Avenue buzzes with life, from hip bars to delectable restaurants. The energy is contagious! For sports enthusiasts, the beach offers the best volleyball courts. Game on!

Redondo Beach

Redondo Beach blends coastal charm with harbor life. The iconic pier is alive with seafood lovers and shoppers. From kayaking to leisurely boat-watching, the harbor is brimming with adventures. Nestled nearby are peaceful residential areas, a mix of contemporary designs and cozy homes. It’s the perfect seaside suburb.


Malibu is synonymous with luxury. Known for its elite residents and secluded beaches, it’s the crown jewel of LA’s coast. Its sprawling beaches offer pockets of peace and exclusivity. A sanctuary for those seeking a quiet retreat. When it comes to dining, Malibu is unmatched. Imagine gourmet meals with a side of sweeping ocean views. Pure bliss!

El Segundo

El Segundo might fly under the radar, but those in the know treasure its charm. It promises an unhurried pace, away from LA’s frenzied beat. Its downtown is a blend of local charm and community spirit, where everyone knows your name.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes Santa Monica one of the top beach cities in LA?

Santa Monica seamlessly merges urban amenities with beach relaxation. With attractions like the Santa Monica Pier, proximity to vibrant shopping at the Third Street Promenade, and a sprawling beach, it’s an ideal spot for both daily living and entertainment.

2. Is Venice Beach suitable for families?

Absolutely! While Venice Beach is famous for its bohemian vibe and lively boardwalk, it also offers family-friendly attractions like the Venice Canals. Moreover, its wide beach is great for kids and family outings. However, like any bustling area, it’s always a good idea to be mindful of the surroundings.

3. I’m looking for a luxurious coastal lifestyle in LA. Where should I consider moving?

Malibu is your go-to for a luxurious coastal lifestyle. Known for its upscale residences, secluded beaches, and elite community, Malibu promises elegance and tranquility, making it a preferred choice for many celebrities and business magnates.

4. Which beach city offers a lively nightlife and social scene?

Hermosa Beach is renowned for its energetic nightlife and social activities. Pier Avenue, in particular, is a hub for nightlife, brimming with bars, clubs, and eateries. It’s a favorite for younger residents and those young at heart.

5. Are there any lesser-known beach cities in LA that offer a peaceful environment?

El Segundo is a lesser-known gem that offers residents a peaceful environment. It provides an escape from the usual hustle of LA’s more popular beaches, boasting a serene beach and a close-knit community feel in its downtown area.

Conclusion – Best Beach Cities in LA

Los Angeles’s coastline is a palette of diverse neighborhoods. Whether it’s the luxury of Malibu or the lively spirit of Venice, there’s a seaside spot for everyone. Dive deep into our guide of the best seaside spots in LA and let the waves lead you home.

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